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AIA Continuing Education Courses

Zurn is excited to partner with to deliver an extensive AIA-approved continuing education course library. Zurn 
believes in the importance of delivering world-class education to our specifying customers. Our team of experts is proud to offer in-depth knowledge about topics of importance to architects and engineers.​
Water Pressure Regulation in Building Design
Creating a Sanitary Water Environment
Potable Watery Safety Through Backflow Prevention
Innovative Water Conservation Fixture Systems
Siphonic Roof Drain Systems
Sustainable Restroom Design​

Explore commercial plumbing product innovations, technologies and strategies that are advancing the principles of sustainable design, enhancing life-cycle assessment, and enabling commercial buildings - both new and old - to achieve unprecedented water efficiency.

Course Related Products
Z5341 - Z6930 XL Lavatory and Sensor Faucet
Z6920-XL Sensor Faucet
Z842X1-XL-AF Pre-Rinse Faucet
Z843M4-XL Sink Faucet
ZERK-CP EZ Flush Unit

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Fundamentals of Trench Drain Systems​