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Product Frequently Asked Questions:
Planting Irrigation

A ball valve is a valve that opens by turning a handle attached to a ball inside the valve. The ball has a hole in the middle so that when the hole is lined up the input side and the output side of the valve, flow occurs. Ball valves for plumbing generally come in bronze and are offered in sizes from ¾“ to 2”. 

Examples of ball valves include Bronze Ball Valves [Model 850XL] 

A gate valve is a valve that opens by lifting a gate from the path of the fluid. Gate valves are generally used in larger pipe sizes from 2½” - 12” and can be offered in either bronze or coated ductile iron. Gate valves also have a variety of stem arrangements including NRS (Non-Rising Stem) and OS&Y (Outside Stem and Yoke)

Examples of Gate Valves include Bronze Gate Valves [Model 48OSYBR] Iron Gate Valves, NRS and iron gate valves, resilient seated [Model 48] and iron gate valves, OS&Y [Model 48OSY]

A water regulator is a direct acting device. This means that the entire flow through the plumbing system is directed through the valve itself. A regulator contains a spring that biases the valve open, based on a set pressure range. Once the downstream pressure in the plumbing system is exceeded the spring compresses and the valve inside the regulator begins to close. A water control valve is a diaphragm valve with a pilot assembly that is plumbed outside of the main body of the valve. The actions of this pilot assembly control the operation of the main valve. In the case of a pressure regulating water control valve, the pilot assembly would contain a water regulator thereby regulating water pressure in the main valve.  Water regulators tend to be for pipe sizes from ½” to 3”, whereas water control valves tend to be in pipe sizes from 1¼” through 10” and larger as required. 

Examples of water regulators are [Model NR3XL] [Model 500XLTYSBR] [Model 600XL] [Model 70XL] [Model 90].

Examples of water control valves are [Model ZW209] [Model ZW206] [Model ZW205].