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Product Frequently Asked Questions:
Storm Drainage Piping Specialties


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A parapet/scupper roof drain is a drain designed to be installed within a parapet half wall located commonly on a roof top.  The drains are frequently shaped with an angle face to match the contour of the wall.  The Zurn Z187 and Z189 are examples of scupper drains. 

Promenade deck drains are designed to be installed in roofs that act as balconies or finished areas seeing pedestrian traffic, thus the drains are fitted with flush grates in place of a the traditional dome strainer.  Zurn offers (3) sizes of promenade deck drains: Z150 (large sump), Z154 (medium sump), and Z158 (small sump).  Decorative bronze and nickel bronze tops are also available as the –DT option.  
The Zurn Top-Set Deck Plate (-DP option) is an innovative time and labor saving feature developed to take the place of both the roof sump receiver and the under deck clamp.  This feature allows for all installation work to be done above deck.  The Z100-DP is the most popular Zurn Roof Drain.  
A combination roof drain is a main roof drain and an overflow roof drain installed together with a joint deck plate.  This allows for a faster installation and less roof penetrations needed.  Zurn offers (3) sizes of Combination Roof Drains: Z163 (large sump), Z164 (medium sump), and Z165 (small sump).  

A cleanout is an access point within the plumbing waste system that allows the system to be cleaned out (snaked) in the event that a pipe becomes clogged with debris. 

What is the difference between a traditional cleanout (Z1400) and a cleanout ferrule (Z1440)?​​
Both models essentially serve the same purpose to provide an access point within a plumbing waste system to clean out a drain line.  The Z1440 cleanout ferrule is simply the most basic type of cleanout available.  This product is a basic body with plug, and has a flange collar for attaching a waterproofing membrane, and no height adjustability found on other Zurn cleanouts such as the Z1400-BZ or Z1400-K.  

Load ratings are established by criteria set within the ASME Standard A112.6.3, the standard for Floor and Trench Drains.  

Safe Live Load Rating: (actual failure load divided by 2)
Light Duty:  under 2,000 lbs
Medium Duty:  between 2,000 & 4,999 lbs
Heavy Duty:  between 5,000 & 7,499 lbs
Extra Heavy Duty:  between 7,500 and 10,000 lbs
Special Duty:  over 10,000 lbs   

Flapper type backwater valves such as the Zurn Z1090 and Z1095 prevent backflow without any action on the part of the end user.  Backwards flowing water closes the flapper against a gasketed sealing seat.  Gate type backwater valves such as the Z1088 have a flapper at one end which functions the same as the Z1090 and Z1095, but also has a gate valve at the other end that must be manually opened and closed when needed.  This acts as additional protection against backflow in applications where a 100% seal against backflow is necessary imperative.  Both types of backwater valves should be opened and inspected routinely to inspect for debris that would hinder proper operation.