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Cast Stainless Steel

Zurn Engineered Water Solutions® manufactures a large breadth of Stainless Steel drains for roofs and floors as well as for specialty applications.

Backwater Valve
4" X 8" [102 X 203] Open Sight Drip Drain
Floor Drain with Integral P-Trap and Cleanout Plug
Adjustable Floor Drain Medium-Duty
Scupper Drain
Kettle Drain 37-9/16 X 22-7/8
Floor Drain Medium Depth
6" X 12" [152 X 305] Open Sight Drip Drain
Adjustable Floor Drain
12" [305] Diameter Floor Drain
Oval Funnel
Leak Detection Drain with Side Outlet
Kettle Drain 25 X 12-1/2
Roof Drain
15" [381] Diameter Floor Drain
Round Funnel
4" X 12" [102 X 305] Gutter Drain
Deck Drain with Wide Flange
Pit Drain
Kettle Drain 24-5/16 X 24-5/16