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Cast Stainless Steel

Zurn Engineered Water Solutions® manufactures a large breadth of Stainless Steel drains for roofs and floors as well as for specialty applications.

Roof Drain
Floor Drain Medium Depth
12" [305] Diameter Extra Heavy-Duty Floor Drain
5", 6" or 8" Square Top Adjustable Medium-Duty Floor Drain
15" [381] Diameter Floor Drain
4" X 8" [102 X 203] Open Sight Drip Drain
4" X 12" [102 X 305] Gutter Drain
Floor Drain with Integral P-Trap and Cleanout Plug
Kettle Drain 24-5/16 X 24-5/16
Oval Funnel
Pit Drain
Floor Cleanout with O-Ring Seal Plug
Deck Drain with Wide Flange
Scupper Drain
Leak Detection Drain with Side Outlet
Leak Detection Drain with Bottom Outlet
Floor Drain Shallow Type
Round Funnel
Backwater Valve
6" X 12" [152 X 305] Open Sight Drip Drain